Betty White Needs Some Time Off

Betty White just wants to take a breather, guys.

Awww, cute. Alec Baldwin got all teary-eyed while delivering NYU's commencement address.

Yes, that is a chunky Dennis Quaid playing Bill Clinton, thanks for asking.

Finally, Jimmy Kimmel makes a video that caters to people who just wish Lost were over already.

Glee's Cory Monteith might be the perfect man.


... This isn't an illusion, people. I just found out that both Will Arnett and Jason Bateman have Twitter accounts. Which former Bluth will you follow first? Gob or Michael?

... This critic has righteously compared Lost to Goofus and Gallant, a.k.a., the guys I hung out with in the dentist's waiting room as a kid.

... Here's a rather intense interview with former Buffy star Nicholas Brendon.

... Modern Family sure has had a memorable first season.

... Be sure to wear headphones when you watch these Muppets mashup videos, because they're a wee bit profane/awesome.

... Speaking of profane/awesome, the original V contained a lot of awkwardly inappropriate scenes.

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