Betty White Steals the SAG Awards

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After Saturday’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, I’m all about Betty White, who won a much-deserved Life Achievement Award—and was so completely funny and with it and cutely raunchy that she briefly became a Twitter trending topic (so it’s not just me). After a genuinely affectionate introduction from the most regular of regular girls, Sandra Bullock, we saw a bio-montage narrated by the same guy who voiced those science film strips you remember from fifth grade. But, hokey voice-over aside, it did prove that not only is Ms. White one of the funniest people in show biz, but also that she was once quite a looker (to watch only her acceptance speech, fast forward to the 5-minute mark):

Other than Betty, the ceremony was standard awards-show stuff—maybe even a tad less exciting than usual, because even though it's surely an honor to be given the nod by your colleagues, no one else really cares. The SAG Awards are not the Oscars, after all. Come to think of it, the SAG Awards are kind of like a giant office party without the slacks and Christmas sweaters.

The winners were hardly surprises, and if you watched the Golden Globes last week it was all very déjà vu. Winning again were Drew Barrymore, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Bridges, Mo’Nique,

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