Bev: Liz will always be a cougar

The 53-year-old actress plays feisty barmaid Liz, who is set for new romance with a younger man, and doesn't think it is in her character's nature to be attracted to older men.

Bev revealed: "I don't think Liz would ever go for a much older man. Ever. No, I think Liz is rapidly on the way to becoming a cougar!"

Bev has dated her son Steve's best friend Lloyd, and is now attracted to barman Ciaran, played by Keith Duffy.

Bev revealed: "I have been told that she has a new relationship, but I think it takes quite a while to work out. I believe it's really quite dramatic, because it's going to get to its peak in December, for Coronation Street's birthday - the 50th. Half a century, my God!

"I only found out the name of Liz's new man about four days ago. Apparently he's called Owen, but we haven't even worked together yet."

Bev is looking forward to Liz's new romance, but also revealed she'd love Charlie Lawson, who played her husband Jim McDonald, to return to the Street.

She said: "I hope it's going to be good. But I also hope they bring Charlie Lawson back as well, Liz and Jim have got that great... they've been married twice - to each other."

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