Bidding Adieu to Alias

When it was announced that this would be the last season of Alias, wasn't surprised. The show has plummeted in the ratings this season (thanks a lot for moving it out of its post-Lost time slot, ABC!), and Jennifer Garner's pregnancy has caused the writers to get a little "creative" with the storylines. Plus, how many times can Sydney infiltrate a dance club in Eastern Europe while wearing a wig?

With Lost, J.J. Abrams proved he had even more to offer, but Alias was like a blast of fresh air back in 2001. Nowadays, action heroines are everywhere, but when the series premiered it was a groundbreaking thrill ride: a hot college girl is a butt-kicking uber-spy? That's an offer no TV viewer can refuse. Actually, some viewers refused it, especially this season.

Let's hope that ABC gives the Alias folks the budget and freedom to send the show off in style. has done a lot of thinking about this, so we've decided to help out the writers and give them some ideas about what they could do in the finale.

For one, thinks that Vaughan should definitely come back and prove to everyone that he wasn't a turncoat. Sydney and Vaughan should live happily ever after in Sydney's cool modern design house.

Sloan should tell those blackmailers to stuff it, even though that means risking the life of his daughter Nadie, but then Nadia should wake up anyway, perfectly fine and ready to kick bad guys in the face. At that point, Nadia, Sydney, the French chick, and that new girl should get together and run down various alleyways shooting people and doing a lot of kicks and stuff.

As a personal favor, we'd like to see more of the fake Sloan, in the form of Joel Gray. Something about that whole thing just made laugh. It was hilarious!

Whatever you do, don't kill Sydney's dad. As a matter of fact, let him fall in love and heal his aching heart. The guy is obviously tortured. Have him live happily ever after in a modern design house.

As for the rest of the cast, they all get promotions or retire; they all deserve it.

What else do you think should happen on the series finale? A network executive green-lights another season? Let us know!

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