Big Bang, Practice picked up

Television viewers, you can put down your axes... for now. Three shows were deemed worthy enough to continue airing today, as networks continue to whittle down their fall lineups by keeping what they like and booting what they don't.

CBS has apparently been impressed enough with its new half-hour comedy The Big Bang Theory to let it stick around. The network today announced that it is ordering a full season of the show, making it the first new comedy to be given a pickup.

The laffer stars Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons as two hapless geeks who couldn't pick up a woman with a forklift. Their dorky worlds are turned upside-down when an attractive blonde moves in next door and befriends them. According to CBS, the show averages almost 9 million viewers per week.

Unsurprisingly, one of the most hyped new shows is also getting a pickup thanks largely to a crossover fan base. Private Practice, the Grey's Anatomy spin-off focusing on fan-favorite Addison (Kate Walsh), has been extended to a full season, according to E!. The show has had the strongest numbers of the new programs since it debuted in late September.

CBS's The Unit has also been extended to a full season. The drama, now in its third season, stars Dennis Haysbert and follows a group of Special Forces members who go on top-secret missions around the globe.

Both Big Bang and Private Practice join The CW's Gossip Girl as the only new shows to be given full-season orders so far this season. Only Online Nation, a CW show centering on Internet phenomena, has been officially canceled so far.

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