Big Bang Theory Gets a Big Renewal

... CBS renewing The Big Bang Theory for a new season isn't surprising, but CBS renewing The Big Bang Theory for three years sure is. The nerd comedy is now locked into CBS through the 2012-2013 season, meaning Jim Parsons is going to be a very rich man. [CBS via press release]

... The schedules of ABC, CBS, and NBC will be interrupted tonight when President Obama publicly comments on the recent tragic shooting in Arizona. CBS is moving Live to Dance back to 9pm to accommodate the president's words, which will take place sometime in the 8pm ET hour. [Orlando Sentinel]

... Damages has typically added a big name or two each season, and this year is no different. John Goodman, who recently starred in HBO's Treme, will join the cast as the CEO of a military contractor at the heart of a wrongful death suit, the show's new main case. John Goodman vs. Glenn Close? Yes, please. [USA Today]

... Add Showtime to the list of networks who have passed on the orphaned miniseries The Kennedys. [Deadline Hollywood]

... The Good Wife is getting a pair of guest stars in America Ferrera and Jerry Stiller. Ferrera is joining the cast for three episodes as a romantic interest for Alan Cummings' character, Eli. Stiller will play a judge, and if he screams "Serenity Now!" just once during his episode I swear I will die a happy man. [EW]

... The numbers war between Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien continues, and it turns out that Conan's viewers are lazy, bingeing television watchers. Once you factor in DVR figures, Conan's 18-49 demo beats Leno's. You might recall that earlier this week, news was made when Leno caught O'Brien in the adult demo. Next week it will be something different from the Leno camp, I'm sure. [LA Times]

... Law & Order: Los Angeles is shaking up its cast big time. Three regulars, Regina Hall, Megan Boone, and Skeet Ulrich are all leaving the show. It's unclear when the characters will depart, but reports say it will happen over the course of the rest of the season as creator Dick Wolf tweaks the show. [Deadline Hollywood]

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