Bill Murray makes a Chopper

Bill Murray's new hog is lean, mean, and not too far between.

The Lost In Translation star apppears on Monday's episode of American Chopper, The Discovery Channel's series starring motorcycle gurus Paul Teutel Sr. and son Paul Teutel Jr. Murray says his chopper is one that could be ridden by Carl the groundskeeper, his demented character from the '80s comedy Caddyshack.

"It had a little bit of army surplus, a little bit of army ordinance, and a little bit of greenskeeper...It was like it was [Carl's] motorcycle," Murray told The Associated Press. "It was fun. I got to lift something every once in a while."

Murray said the process of building a motorcycle is not unlike that of writing a sketch or making a movie.

"It was as artistic as anything I've ever been involved with," he said. "It was very much like a creative writing session where you're trying to figure out some scene in a movie or show."

The unique motorcycle was auctioned off for charity. Catch Murray on American Chopper Monday at 10 p.m. on Discovery.

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Yah! Bill Murray is so cool!! :)

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