Bill Pullman Joins Torchwood

... Game over, man! Oh wait, that's Bill Paxton. The U.S. adaptation of Torchwood, the little sci-fi show that could, just picked up some heavy firepower. Bill Pullman, Independence Day's alien-ass-kickin' presidente, has joined the cast as a regular. Pullman will play a murderer who gets off "on a technicality and quickly becomes a media sensation." Ooooookay. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Jessica Alba is jumping on the Twitter-to-TV-show trend and developing a show with CBS that's based on the Twitter feed and life of Kelly Oxford, a stay-at-home mom. A sample Tweet: "I've been to two U2 concerts. Not really a fan, I just like to feel like I'm in a really long Coke commercial." Jessica, you look awesome in a bikini, but please do not produce television shows. [NY Mag]

... History Channel found a way to boost its audience by a whopping 35 percent: Fill the schedule with reality programs! Ax Men and Pawn Stars have helped the historically historical channel reap record ratings this year. Why do cable stations even try to be niche if they're all going to end up cluttered with reality programs in the end? [LA Times]

... Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry has often toyed with the idea of leaving the hit show to start a new one, and now it looks like he's one step closer to doing just that. Cherry is developing Hallelujah at ABC, a drama about a small town that is "being torn apart by the forces of good and evil"... until a stranger shows up and helps the town regain its faith. [Variety]

... True Blood has made two more casting decisions: Dane DeHaan (In Treatment) will play one of the troubled teens that Jason Stackhouse takes care of, and Rebecca Wisocky will play Queen Mab. [Deadline Hollywood]

... AMC is riding the wave of period piece revivals, but will go even further back in time than its competitors. While everyone else putzes around the 1900's, AMC's Hell on Wheels will be set during the 1860s and focus on the building of the Transcontinental Railroad. [Deadline Hollywood]

... PaleyFest, Hollywood's new love fest for television, is coming up in March and this year has two sweet reunions. Judd Apatow's cult favorites Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared will both be featured in a reunion panel. That could mean Jason Segal, James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Charlie Hunnam will be on the stage at the same time. Also getting panels this year: The Walking Dead, True Blood, and American Idol. [Some Paley Center press release]

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