Billy Connolly is Sat Nav voice

The comedian and actor provides turn-by-turn navigation for map-shy motorists across 9.5 million miles of European roads on TomTom's sat-nav devices.

Drivers who make a wrong turn will be told by the sarcastic Scot: "Turn around when possible. It is advisable to turn your entire car around, do not just turn around inside the car."

And motorists failing to obey instructions will be in for an ear-bashing from the Big Yin, who says: "Make a U-turn, none of this would have been necessary had you been listening a minute ago."

Switch on the navigation device and the funny-man reassures users: "This really is Billy Connolly. It's not the creepy guy you get on cheap birthday cards. It's my real voice. No swearing, no dirty bits, I'll keep you safe."

The Billy Connolly turn-by-turn navigation is available to download for TomTom's 40 million customers, costing £8.99. Snoop Dogg, John Cleese and Eddie Izzard have previously recorded voice tracks for TomTom.

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