Blindspot: What Were Jane and Weller's Wedding Vows?

Season 3 of Blindspot started somewhere that the show rarely treads -- on a positive note!

Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) finally tied the knot after a rocky Season 2 of mistrust and family drama. The opening scene gave us a glimpse of their wedding and it looked like a blast with smiles, dancing and cake cutting. But we had one question... where were the vows? What were the vows?

These days almost no couple gets hitched without custom-written vows, so we asked Sullivan Stapleton to fill us in on what Jane and Weller promised each other before swapping rings.

"Weller vows that if they have issues in the relationship, they need to discuss things, they just talk about it," Stapleton tells TV Guide. "They don't kick the s--- out of each other." That sounds something that may have to be agreed on from the start, knowing how much butt kicking these two do.

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And knowing his relationship with Jane's brother Roman (Luke Mitchell), Stapleton also says he wants Jane to vow that he doesn't have to go to Thanksgiving with her family. The actor also told us that Weller would flip the script and tattoo Jane's name on his body, for a change!

Ahhh, true love!

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