Blog Spotlight: 10 Things I Hate About You - "Pilot"

Just how long have we been doing the social castes in high school thing now? I’d peg the earliest example of this on TV, at least, as probably Square Pegs, but it’s grown into such an all-consuming thing that when you do a show about high schoolers now, it’s almost always about how they navigate the tricky social terrain of high school. It wasn’t always this way. Shows about teenagers used to be about how they would band together to fight the powers that be (as in Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, newly out on DVD) or contemplated their lives and the people they were becoming (Dobie Gillis) or any of a variety of different takes on the teen genre. Hell, even on Happy Days a whole bunch of kids from different social groups hung out together, and we LIKED it, dammit. Read More

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