Blog Spotlight: Al Roker puts Speidi in a corner

Speidi’s at it again, and this time the reality TV duo is making a big fuss about the interview they had Monday with Today Show Weatherman Al Roker to talk about their experiences on “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!”, according to Roker asked the hard questions that everybody is wondering about, and Speidi didn’t like it one bit.

After playing an insulting reel of Speidi’s most embarrassing moments on the TV show “Celebrity,” Roker proceeded to quiz Speidi with accusationally slanted questions. ”Are you proud of the way you guys behaved on this program?” Roker asked Heidi. When Heidi avoided giving a straight answer, Roker interrupted her time and again, saying, “Yes, but are you proud?”

Roker didn’t let up on Spence, either, saying that because of his behavior on the show, some people might call him a “jerk.” He also implied that his on-screen conversion to Christianity might have been staged, though Spence denied it. Read more

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