Blog Spotlight: Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations in San Francisco Episode Recap

It's no secret that San Franciscans love their city. This was more than evident when I arrived at Bloodhound, which feels like a cross between a hunting lodge and chic lounge, for a viewing party for famed author & traveler Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations in San Francisco. In countless bars around the country you'll find people gathering over beers and buffalo wings watching "the big game," but only in San Francisco will you find a bar full of people anxiously and excitedly watching the newest episode of a Travel Channel show.

Scattered amongst the crowd was a collective of local media, chefs, cooks, famous bloggers (hello), and many others, a Who's Who of people who would care about watching this episode of No Reservations in San Francisco.

After a bit of socializing and cocktailing, the episode began and all eyes immediately turned to the TVs, curious to see what Bourdain thinks of our fair city. For many of the chefs and people featured on the show, it was an anxious experience knowing that Bourdain could single-handedly thrust them into a new tier, for better or worse.


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