Blog Spotlight: Appealing TV: Obsessed With Intervention

If I said I was addicted to the A&E; reality show "Intervention," that would just be a cheap play on words. But so what. It's true!

For those who have not heard of the show, it is a "docuseries" about people with addictions. The premise is the addicts "agree to be in a show about addiction," but do not know that they will soon face an intervention from their friends and family. The cameras follow them around, interview them and their families, and often uncover, in the process, the root cause of their addictions. In the end, the addict either agrees to go to rehab or...doesn't. (At this point, after many years on the air, it is a little hard to believe that none of the addicts who agree to be on the show have not at least HEARD of a TV show that follows addicts around and then makes them face an intervention. But then again, I suppose most addicts have better worse things to do than sit around and watch TV.)

To say I "enjoy" the show is probably a little too callous an admission, even for me. But I can not deny that the drama of these real life tragedies is just inherently watchable. Seeing them at their lowest point means I can't help but hope against hope that they will "accept the gift" they are given--in the form of free rehab--and take control of their lives. The coda at the end, when the titles come up explaining how the addict has fared since rehab has, in all honesty, made me smile with relief on occasion, and made me burst into tears on others. Read more

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