Blog Spotlight: "Battlestar Galactica" Spoiled Bastard. Ep. 6: "Deadlock."

This is a Spoiled Bastard. It contains spoilers. That's the point.

We've been a little spoiled (couldn't find another word) with the mad rush to the end of "BSG" and the freak-out it has bestowed on all of us viewers. The episodes have been packed with stuff and they have been spilling over with exposition (normally an unwelcome turn, but if Anders wants to keep babbling, I'll keep listening). And in the euphoria/confusion of getting so much information about the Final Five and Ellen and Daniel and mutiny and whatnot, it's no surprise that an episode like "Deadlock" would catch us short. As in, "Is that all there is?" I liked it. But for the first time since the "reveal" it made me think, "Ellen? Really?" Don't get me wrong, I was feeling her two eps ago when her Zen-like "I'm Your Mother" thing made Cavil have a fit. But in "Deadlock" she totally lost her cool. After sawing Tigh in half (who really wanted to see that? Not I), she got all up in arms about him doing Six (don't make me trace back the connections, it's just too weird), and then Ellen's anger at Tigh helped bring on the baby's death. Oh, great, MOM. Thanks a lot. You totally frakked the soft revolution. And now you want to leave with some of the other Finals? Way to take responsibility. (And by the way, that Tory - man, she flipped and never looked back, eh? "I'm a Cylon. I'm gonna air lock you....Leave the humans behind? Yes, totally, let's do it.") I'd like to see her brought down a peg. Maybe Baltar, when he loses control of all those guns he just got, can rush up and say, "Remember us?" That would make her understand her weakness a little better. Read more

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