Blog Spotlight: Battlestar: Who’s the next to die?

Battlestar. Whoa.

We haven’t really addressed the show since it began a week and a half ago, but they really started off with some yowwee-zowwee moments. In particular, the revelation of the fifth cylon and the death of Dualla.

On the first issue, I think Ellen was as good of a choice as any. If it was one of the main folks, it may have come off as a cheap surprise. The fact that it was Ellen kind of has a blast-from-the-past element, plus it’s nice that Saul sort of has something to live for now (provided another Ellen is alive somewhere… and that, you know, she doesn’t hold a grudge for that whole ugly poisoning episode).

Oh, and as of this writing, most of the people in the TiFaux survey said they thought the fifth cylon would be “other.” But I think you bitches were just playing the odds.

But on the second matter, Dualla’s death seemed pretty cruel. Not necessarily in a ‘those darn writers are mean as heck’ kind of way, but more in the sense that it was an acute representation of the Godless chaos that drives the show. Read more

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