Blog Spotlight: Boy Meets Girl: plot meets fail

Boy Meets Girl, ITV's most recent stab at amiable, flighty drama, finishes its four-week run tonight. Martin Freeman and Rachael Stirling play Danny and Veronica, strangers who are hit by lightning, which travels along some puddles, and – amplified by the presence of a nearby electricity substation and breakneck wonky camerawork – causes our two leads to swap bodies.

Freaky Friday was so successful that they made it three times, so it's a tried-and-tested plot device. But despite a sparky cast and the gender twist, Boy Meets Girl trundles along to its conclusion without much of a punch.

When the end finally comes, the payoff (if you can call it that) is packed into five minutes of not much action at all, wonky camerawork aside. Don't expect an explanation of why everything you've just invested four hours in actually occurred, because there isn't one: it just happened – weird, eh? Read more

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