Blog Spotlight: Bravo extends its brand into your life with increasingly pointless products

Have you ever been watching a Bravo reality show and thought to yourself, “What seems to be missing from my life are additional ways to experience the Bravo brand in my environment, particularly by purchasing products that have the logos for Bravo reality shows on them?” If so, you’re in luck, because as a Bravo press release said, the network has announced new “brand extensions with multiple licensing partnerships.” Woo!

The network says it is “continuing the extension of the Bravo brand beyond the television screen and directly into the viewer’s environment” by singing “deals with major retailers to create ‘Top Chef’ branded wines and floral arrangements, ‘Top Chef’ Master Cutlery Knives, as well as a second installment of the best selling ‘Top Chef’ cookbook.”

Okay, the cookbook and knives make some sense, but Top Chef floral arrangements? They’ll also produce co-branded wines, because that’s what people look for in a good wine: a major media conglomerate’s logo. Read more

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