Blog Spotlight: Bully Beatdown Review

Whenever I think of a bully, I imagine somebody who’s indifferent to their own stupidity. Having no apparent reason for reflection or empathy, the bully is only too happy to indulge whatever primal impulse seizes him. This usually means punching somebody in either the throat or balls.

The frustrating thing is that if you can’t effectively swing back, battling him on his own, blunt terms, then you really can’t fight him. If he’s oblivious to fair play, reason and compassion, and if you can’t beat the **** out of him, well, how the hell do you get your hat back? You don’t. You trudge home feeling like a wuss, and if you’re like Jason “Mayhem” Miller, you then dedicate your life to becoming a Mixed Martial Arts Ninja so that you’re capable of obliterating whatever hunk of flesh stands in your path.


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