Blog Spotlight: Catching the Next Pimpmobile: I Still [Heart] Futurama

In general—and I know we’ve argued about this before—I’m wary of movies based on canceled TV shows. Last summer’s X-Files and Sex and the City movies really put the final nail in that coffin. I feel like there are two traps that these films keep falling into: shoehorning in every character, whether the story requires it or not, to please fans, and coming up with wacky, globe-trotting plots to justify the leap from small to big screen. Why did Sex and the City spend multiple scenes telling us that there was nothing going on with Charlotte? Did The Simpsons really benefit from leaving Springfield and going on a wild journey to Alaska? Both of these mistakes reinforce that some stories are better told in small, episodic chunks, while others are best taken in all at once. Read more

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