Blog Spotlight: Did NYC “Real Housewife” Kelly Killeron Bensimon Fake the Fight for Attention?

Just last week socialite and Real Housewife of New York Kelly Killeron Bensimon was arrested for punching her boyfriend, Nicholas Stefanov. But at the launch party for co-star Bethany Frankel’s book Naturally Thin, there was some major hatorade being passed around.
According to The New York Daily News, a party-goer at the event said: “Kelly truly is the most desperate housewife,” while another added: “No one likes her. She hasn’t endeared herself to the ladies on the show - or anyone else.”
Several sources actually believe the aforementioned altercation with Nicholas Stefanov was cooked up in order to heighten drama and ensure that Kelly is signed for next season. “Kelly is ruthless. Some who know her think she planned the attack with Nicholas,” said an insider. “He’s speaking of her too positively for this to be domestic abuse. Shouldn’t he be angrier? It’s also convenient that Kelly timed the leak of her arrest to the day a new episode of the show aired.”
Wow, women are so caddy! Get a life, people, really. While it’s SUPER trashy to get in a physical altercation, it’s even trashier to gossip about it and call it fake. Jealousy does crazy things, eh? See More...

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