Blog Spotlight: Dinner Impossible - Food Network Isn’t Quite Tired Of Looking Stupid

I have to admit, I liked Dinner: Impossible. The Food Network has very little to offer me actually, but there are a few shows that manage to pull me in, and Dinner: Impossible was one of them. Ace of Cakes isn’t bad once in a while, and depending on what we’re looking at, I can be a sucker for Unwrapped. Next Food Network Star has some appeal, and fruit of that tree Will Work For Food is surprisingly good. We’re talking here in terms of a realm of interest that is somewhere around a “meh” though, because I’m just not a Food Network guy. But, I really liked Dinner: Impossible.

Robert Irvine is/was just the sort of oddball who could pull of a show based around goofy challenges, and moreover he was just the right guy to distract you from the fact that this is television and “really” working from the perspective that he might actually “fail” a mission is just stupid. He’s also just a big, raging dork, and it was fun to cheer him along as his bizarre energy rush flew around at people who could barely get out of the way. Read more

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