Blog Spotlight: Fantastic Forecast - Why All Bets are On ‘V

Science Fiction is a gamble for the networks. With pricey flops like Surface, Threshold, and Invasion in the recent past it is kind of surprising to see the three-letter-mafia going all out with yet another batch of far-out programming – but, hey, yay for us.

No doubt this latest batch will result in more impassioned “save our show” campaigns, and fierce fan scene advocacy, and the world will be better for all of it. Such things are part of what makes the scene so cool. Of all of the offerings, three have grabbed a considerable amount of press: ‘V’, the reworking of the popular alien invasion series from the 80’s, Day One from Lost and Heroes alum Jesse Alexander, and Flash Forward.


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Jun 25, 2009
Hopefully this V series is better than the awful 1 season version of the 80's.. though it can't possibly be better than the mini series.