Blog Spotlight: First Impressions: Charm School with Ricki Lake

Even though I try to avoid VH1’s … of Love shows (sometime unsuccessfully) the Charm School spin off remains one of the guiltiest guilty pleasures currently on television. This is most likely because I don’t have to see trashy girls having sex with the likes of Flavor Flav and Brett Michaels. For the third season they are actually combining two shows with the rejects of Rock of Love Bus and Real Chance of Love. We also get a new Headmistress in Ricky Lake who may be the most credible of giving charm advice of all the headmistresses. But considering she is following Sharon Osbourne, that isn’t saying much.

There are a couple more changes this season. There is a Dean’s List which keeps some of the girls safe from expulsion every week. And instead of the Headmistress having full control of who to bring down to the carpet then expel, those not on the Dean’s List go to Detention where they vote who goes down to the carpet. An odd change considering it may lead alliances determining who gets on the carpet instead of who deserves it. Even last night the Bus rejects all voted for one girl while the Real Chance also-rans did another. But there was the hilarious part where Gia voted for Ashley, apparently not know what exactly she was voting for through her alcoholic haze. Read more

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