Blog Spotlight: FIRST LOOK: Brittany Snow as Young Lily on Gossip Girl Spin-Off

Gucci bag? Check. Riding boots and blazer? Check. Porsche convertible? Check her out! It’s the young Lily van der Woodsen!

Brittany Snow looked just the part Tuesday as she packed up her Louis Vuitton luggage at the Sip-n-Pump gas station next to Neptune Restaurant in Malibu, Calif.

Shooting just began on the new Gossip Girl spin-off, the highly-anticipated back story of Serena’s mom, played by Kelly Rutherford on the CW hit.

Snow, 23, plays Lily Rhodes, who is growing up in Los Angeles in the ’80s. The show will chronicle Lily’s “wildchild teenager” days, according to a release from the CW. Read more

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