Blog Spotlight: Flash Forward - Only on ABC this fall!

With sci-fi tv shows dropping like flies (T:SCC, The Unusuals, Reaper etc) it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find quality sci-fi programming outside of on the Sci-Fi (soon to be SyFy) channel. I enjoy the occasional Sci-Fi channel show; they’ve been able to produce decent original series’ over the last few years. But I honestly believe that sci-fi programming on one of the major networks has a far greater chance to succeed because of all the increased add revenue potential. The quality also tends to be better. So seeing the recent sci-fi related shows getting cancelled was disturbing to me. Fortunately for us all, ABC has released it’s new fall 2009 schedule, and they have what appears to be a very interesting new sci-fi series planned for the coveted Thursday night 8:00 PM ET time slot. The series, titled Flash Forward, has an interesting premise:


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