Blog Spotlight: Here Come the Newlyweds - TV Review

The second season of Here Come the Newlyweds is premiering tonight, and if you knew there was a first season, cheers to you. The winners from that first season took home nearly $500,000, and a new crew of newlyweds are here to try their luck. The screwball adventure finds couples - trying to identify their spouses by butt squeeze alone, competing in paintball competitions, and much more, all on the road to learning about themselves and each other. Each week the couples vote one of their own of the show.

The first episode is all about introducing the couples, and the first chance to add money to the pot is a Newlywed Game style round of questions where the couples hope to give the same answer as their spouse. If you know The Newlywed Game, you know what sort of fun that can lead to. What you might not expect is the rampant babble about how frequently the couples have sex.


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