Blog Spotlight: Hosea Wins 'Top Chef'

Carla Hall seemed to be surging at the end of fifth season of "Top Chef," winning the challenge in the first half of the New Orleans finale and wowing judges with the first dishes of her final meal.

But in the end it was Hosea Rosenberg, 35, executive chef of Jax Fish House in Boulder, who won the $100,000 and the title, edging out Hall and his only other competition, the haughty Finn Stefan Richter, 35 of Santa Monica.

His final three course meal, with an added hors d'oeuvres challenge, was judged to be "steady across the board" while Stefan had "many highs and some lows." And while Hall's found was hailed for her soul, she didn't recover from boiling a soufflé that would top off her meal. Choosing not to serve it at all made her dish look empty. Read more

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