Blog Spotlight: How Bad Can It Be?: "Star Trek: The Animated Series"

My usual modus operandi with this column -- and the reason why its title is phrased as a question -- is to look for signs of quality in cultural products for which I have no reasonable expectation of finding it. I'm not even necessarily expecting that Hannah Montana DVD to be bad -- I'm just not expecting it to be very good. My hope is always to be pleasantly surprised. Oh, I hear the same word-of-mouth that you all do, and I know the received wisdom as well as anyone else; but usually I can shrug them off and try to approach the work with an open mind, hoping against hope for something good.

There are times, though, when my own prior experiences lead me to approach my subject with a pre-existing anticipation of its crapulence, and that shit is hard to shake. Such is the case with Star Trek: The Animated Series, released in 2006 in a handsome boxed edition, which I have just re-encountered for the first time since seeing it in its original run.


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