Blog Spotlight: I give up on Battlestar Galactica

I had watched every episode, even the webisodes, and was just starting "The Oath," the first episode of the second half of the fourth season of Battlestar Galactica when I turned it off. Battlestar Galactica now joins Andromeda, Firefly (I might get back to that one), and the few other sci-fi shows that I've deemed not completely worthy of my time.


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May 10, 2009
Well, we've got a right to our own views and opinions. I felt BSG was a bit political heavy at times, too religion heavy, but this is a re-imagining and for myself, a departure from the BSG I grew up with. As for women in a society, more so, the military, a more neutral to masculine approach to the mentality and look of those in service, so Starbuck is no great swing away from my modern day expectations. And she is just one of many women serving, she remained within the lines of a person serving. She's Starbuck, she's not Boomer, nor others.

As entertainment, we can, I have, give up on anything we don't want to see anymore, your right, mine, and others to do so. Enjoy what you do, don't waste your time on that you don't, frack the rest.
Mar 15, 2009
Ooh, poor baby, the women aren't womanly enough for you. This post is ridiculous. BSG isn't worth watching because, what, Starbuck gambles, smokes, and drinks? Really.

And anyone who can't spell Laura Roslin's last name after four seasons really shouldn't be commenting on the show.
Mar 14, 2009
i dont want it to end its the greates sci-fi series ever if you ask me

but i know its coning to end and i will have to deal whit that

gr william from holland