Blog Spotlight: I love swimming in ABC's Shark Tank

My head is so full of what I like to consider "great ideas." I jot these ideas down and keep an "ideas"-tagged notebook in Evernote that’s overflowing. It's gotten to the point that, with so many ideas and so little time (and money) to put them into play, I get stressed just looking at that notebook. Because I’m interested in what people think of new ideas, I used to be somewhat of a fan of the short-lived ABC reality show American Inventor. I didn’t care about the drama behind anything going on, nor did I really care who won. What I did like, though, was seeing what professionals and titans of innovation thought of these ideas presented to them. What I didn't like about American Inventor was that I really did not like most of the judges, in particular Doug Hall.

ABC's taken another stab at the idea/invention game with Shark Tank (ABC, Sunday, 9 PM), an American spin-off of the extremely popular Japanese show, Dragons' Den. I haven’t had the chance to check out Dragons' Den, but I did happen to turn on Shark Tank a couple of weeks ago, and I'm hooked. While I sorta dug American Inventor, Shark Tank is so much better. Here's why:


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Sep 30, 2009
I just watched the show for the 1st time and I love it....I would like to be a contestant on the show however, I don't see and options button...:( Wonder if anyone knows how you go about being an actual contestant for these investors?
Sep 07, 2009
Give some SHARK REPELLENT! Saw the first 5 mins of SHARK TANK that went from Bad to Worse. For one I'm disgusted from listening to the screech of Kevin O.Leary voice. Would someone give that guy a pill or kick him off the show. He's got to be the most unlikeable shark in Ep #1.Real Dragons don't need an M.C. and KOL shouldn't strive to be the front man for what looks like the Bad News Bears meats Let's Make A Deal.
KOL comes across as way to arrogant. Unfortunately the show makes the sharks look like dragon wanna bees. Dragons/Sharks are suppose to be magnetic and mysterious.
If KOL needs better odds than the 27/180k ratio proposed then he should go to Vegas and lay it down on BLACK, because that is the ballpark of most good inventions/products/ business ideas that will be offered on the show.
The show could of followed the more successful directing and editing format of the DRAGONs DEN. I'm actually embarrassed to be from Hollywood now.
Dragons come off much more polished and not so ready to haggle. They should come across like they're investors of their own money in a smokey bar making some grand deal. Obviously to big a set and to many crew members on this production.
Barbara: first impression is huh? She tried to turn the show into BIGGEST LOOSER making a 30lb weight loss bet. Kevin H.: His Flamboyance was just saying hello I'm in front of a camera can I get a close up?
Daymond: Now this guy seems real! He's everything the others aren't, including relaxed. Probably the most likely guy to leave the show early to maintain a high level of respect.
Robert..seems like he's just going along for the ride.
I'll maintain my dedication to the Dragons long after the Sharks are gone.

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