Blog Spotlight: I love swimming in ABC's Shark Tank

My head is so full of what I like to consider "great ideas." I jot these ideas down and keep an "ideas"-tagged notebook in Evernote that’s overflowing. It's gotten to the point that, with so many ideas and so little time (and money) to put them into play, I get stressed just looking at that notebook. Because I’m interested in what people think of new ideas, I used to be somewhat of a fan of the short-lived ABC reality show American Inventor. I didn’t care about the drama behind anything going on, nor did I really care who won. What I did like, though, was seeing what professionals and titans of innovation thought of these ideas presented to them. What I didn't like about American Inventor was that I really did not like most of the judges, in particular Doug Hall.

ABC's taken another stab at the idea/invention game with Shark Tank (ABC, Sunday, 9 PM), an American spin-off of the extremely popular Japanese show, Dragons' Den. I haven’t had the chance to check out Dragons' Den, but I did happen to turn on Shark Tank a couple of weeks ago, and I'm hooked. While I sorta dug American Inventor, Shark Tank is so much better. Here's why:


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