Blog Spotlight: It's Okay to be Inappropriate on Top Chef Masters

On last night’s Top Chef Masters, after an embarrassing taste test challenge (Anita Lo not being able to recognize hoisin sauce or peanut butter was SAD), the master chefs were paired up with a stunning parade of former Top Chef contestants, all of whom acted just a little bratty when the master chefs didn’t immediately recognize their brilliance. Richard Blais even explained, while trying to get Anita Lo to put him on her team that he was a “runner up” and that he should have won his season, instead of Stephanie Izard. But that was nothing compared to the fight between Chef Michael Chiarello and Season 4 contestant Dale Talde. Chiarello forgot Dale’s name and called him “young man,” which in addition to just acting like a tool, did not make Dale happy. Unsurprisingly, he doesn’t care and besides, this is just how chefs act: Read More

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