Blog Spotlight: Jimmy Fallon Interviewed Zack Morris Last Night. No, Really. He Did.

Up until last night, I was kind of ambivalent about Jimmy Fallon's quest to reunite the (fellow NBC property) Saved By the Bell cast. I loved the show when I was little like everybody did, but considering that most of the cast is either currently on television (Mario Lopez, Mark-Paul Gosselaar), or has been in recent memory (Elizabeth Berkley hosted that piece of crap Step It Up and Dance last year, and Screech was on Celebrity Fit Club), or was at least on the internet in some scandalous capacity (Screech in a sex tape, Mr. Belding as a frequent drunk, sweaty mess), it didn't seem all that necessary. Aside from Lisa Turtle, it's not like I was missing them. Nostalgia is a nice thing, but I don't need to see these people standing around together on the Late Night stage with The Roots playing their theme song to satisfy that. That's what re-runs are for! Read more

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