Blog Spotlight: Jon & Kate Have News... Monday

According to this TLC promo, Jon and Kate Gosselin have a life-changing announcement to make, one that's so momentous and important that it will take a one-hour TV special on Monday to deliver it:

I don't know where to begin with this. Except that it exemplifies this couple's ability to make me feel sympathy and exasperation at the same time.

Sympathy for their kids, in particular, above all. But even though they brought this scrutiny on their marriage and their family themselves, the pile-on has made me want to say, enough already. Especially as regards Kate. I mean, I've watched the show often enough to know she's no walk in the park. But having US Weekly publish before-and-after-makeover photos of her headlined "From Mom to Monster" (as if she became evil because she got pretty)? Having it treated like a public crime because paparazzi caught her apparently spanking her child? Give me a break. Read more

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