Blog Spotlight: Lost’s Kate: I know she’s a very pretty lady, but there are lots of pretty ladies on that island

There’s so much to discuss on any given episode of Lost, that I’m just going to talk about one particular thing that’s been chapping my ass a little bit. And it’s all about Kate.

On the most recent Sawyer-centric episode, the writers threw a curveball at us by flash-forwarding three years on the island to where Sawyer and Juliet had made a happy home together on the island. Even though I can’t recall much of a flirtation between the two, by the final ten minutes of the episode Sawyer and Juliet were smooching in the kitchen and exchanging I love yous like Ozzie and Harriet with a grim backstory.

And so, at one point, Sawyer has to tell another island resident that he once loved a woman (Kate) and he let her go. So, when the group shows up at the end of the episode Kate makes an especially dramatic entrance and we’re led to believe that there’s a new love triangle in town. Read more

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