Blog Spotlight: Make Me a Supermodel - The Fun-ness Factor

Previously: Branden, Jonathan, and Sandhurst have made it all this way. In the next hour, one of them will be a supermodel! Tyson will have to say a new line! Is he really ready for this?

It's the last morning that we'll be peeking into the condos across the street from my gym. There's a bunk bed that has been packed away. The guys are waking up and Branden interviews excitedly that he's in the finale and he's "one third away from $100,000." [One third of what? A mile? A furlong? - Zach] He finds the clue for the photo challenge. It reads that being a supermodel can make you an "instant success." They have to take the subway to 2nd Street and Avenue A. Is there a photo studio there? I can only think of bars. Hopefully, they're getting drunk for this, their final challenge. None of them are even concerned with trying to figure this one out. For real, though. Polaroids? Tang? Who knows? It could be anything. Sandhurst interviews that he just wants this experience to happen the way that it's supposed to happen. That's a pretty good attitude. You know, I really like Sandhurst. He's been a really fun presence on my TV this spring. Jonathan and Branden witness him doing a little dance to himself, and Jonathan says that's Sandhurst's "happy dance." Branden responds by dancing his own happy dance down the hallway and punctuating it by clicking his heels in midair. Read more

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