Blog Spotlight: Mollie Sugden Dies at 86

Mollie Sugden, the actress beloved by gays for her portrayal as the daft Mrs. Slocombe in the Britcom Are You Being Served? has died at age 86.

Sugden found early TV success with comedy series Hugh and I in 1962 and in Coronation Street as the gossiping Nellie Harvey. But it was The Liver Birds in the late 1960s and early 1970s that enabled her to make her first real impact, as Nerys Hughes' snobbish mother Mrs Hutchinson. And then in 1972 came Are You Being Served? and the role she became best known for - the blue-rinsed Betty Slocombe, with her affectation of middle-class gentility and her outrageous use of the double-entendre. Read More

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