Blog Spotlight: My Life on the D-List gets more entertaining thanks to Kathy Griffin's contrived encounters with celebs

Usually, I'd rip a reality show-particularly a docudrama that purports to document a person's life-for getting more contrived. But in the case of Bravo's Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, contrived set-up encounters with celebrities has actually made the show a lot better and a lot funnier in its fifth season.

The series has always worked because Kathy is so funny, and thus even when she's doing a bit or acting, it works because she's a fantastic comedian. But since her divorce from Matt, the show has been increasingly relying on annoyingly set-up situations rather than following her real life. Last season, for example, had far too many of those grating segments when Kathy called her staff together so she could announce something to them that they had either planned or clearly already knew about, and she'd try to riff on it but it wouldn't quite work, nor would Tiffany and Jessica's fake laughing.


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