Blog Spotlight: NBC's The Chopping Block Premieres Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night NBC is premiering their new food reality series, The Chopping Block. Unlike other cooking-themed reality shows (Hell’s Kitchen, Top Chef) Chopping Block isn’t about cooking, it’s about the restaurant business. As a fan of Kitchen Nightmares, this new show sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

Celebrity chef Marco Pierre White will be on hand to oversee the show as various couple-teams work together each week to fix up a restaurant, performing tasks ranging from working on the design and makeover, planning a menu and getting people interested in coming to the restaurant. The contestants will be broken up into two teams and each team will work on a restaurant. The two restaurants will open at the same time and compete for business. Afterward, food critics will be assigned to judge both restaurants and the worst-performing team will have to plead their case. One couple will be eliminated each week. Read more

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