Blog Spotlight: New York Goes to Work (As a Pig Farmer)

Hopefully this is a trend that America continues when voting for what job New York has to accomplish each week. And by trend, I mean picking the job that she's going to hate the most. I'm just assuming that she hates working in general, so picking any career option for her that doesn't involve 12 guys vying for her love is something she won't really want to have anything to do with.

On last night's episode, New York had to go work on a pig farm and do some pretty nasty things. I have a couple of relatives that have/had a pig farm, don't judge I'm from Ohio jerks, and they are wonderful people, and there were some pretty vom-inducing work, but nothing that ever evoked the reactions that New York exhibited. SHE WAS EFFING HORRIFIED. Like, runaway screaming and crying because a pig made a noise scared. Read more

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