Blog Spotlight: No Reservations: Anthony Bourdain savors Baltimore TV stereotypes

If you read my Monday morning post, you know I wasn't too excited about Anthony Bourdain's trip to Baltimore for his No Reservations show on the Travel Channel Monday night.

For one thing, I was troubled by him lumping Baltimore in with Detroit and Buffalo and calling the episode "Rust Belt." I lived in Detroit for eight years when I worked for the Detroit Free Press, and I can tell you that's the Rust Belt -- not Baltimore.

I also feared Bourdain was going to look at Baltimore only through the prism of HBO's The Wire, a fictional TV show.

Now that I have seen the whole Baltimore segment, forget being fearful and troubled, I absolutely hate what Bourdain did. He ignored any sense of the real diversity of Baltimore's rich ethnic mix to try and imitate a narrow slice of it found in a TV show.


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