Blog Spotlight: Oprah, FBI Shoot Down Spam Scam

Viewers beware: Oprah Winfrey may be generous, but she's not that generous.

Both the FBI and producers of the Oprah Winfrey Show today issued a warning over an email scam targeting fans of the talk queen that teases the chance to win $1 million.

The email, a copy of which has been posted online, informs recipients that they have been nominated to take part in a special "Oprah Millionaire Contest Show," in which one lucky audience member will need only answer a handful of current-events questions to take home the jackpot.

In exchange, they are asked to share personal information and to send money to a Seattle address to pay for airfare, hotel and show tickets—though even the least astute viewer out there knows Winfrey's show and production company are based in Chicago. Read more

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May 13, 2009
Yeah..spam scams are increasing day by day.I'm tracking Oprah 24x7 thru trackle ( )to find out when she's really being generous!