Blog Spotlight: Pssst! Start Watching 'Parks and Recreation' Before the Cool Kids Do

When someone at NBC leaked the very negative focus group results of Amy Poehler's "Office spin-off" I was worried. Could the show really be that bad? I mean, it's Amy Poehler. She made a seal trainer funny! Anyway, when I saw the premiere of "Parks and Recreation" last week I was relieved to find it wasn't that bad. That's not the same as good...because last night's episode was pretty good.

This show definitely owes a lot to "The Office," but it's to the early days of the show. (Cough: before it became popular.) Hey, remember when there were no office romances at Dunder-Mifflin and there was real tension between the Dundies and it wasn't all fun and games having a completely incompetent guy running the place? Noooo, you don't remember. Because "The Office" hasn't been like that in almost 5 years. But it used to be. Call me a crank, but I'll take an episode from the first season over an episode from the current season any day. Read more

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