Blog Spotlight: Real Housewives - Reality Check

If your favorite Reality TV show was holding auditions right in your own hometown, would you consider trying out?

Normally, I’d have to say no because living outside of an actual house and eating beetles or farm animal genitalia while being asked to perform superhero type tricks aren’t really my cup of tea. I don’t have 18 kids or sextuplets and I’m too old for American Idol and Make Me A Supermodel. I’m not a celebrity (yet!) so I currently can’t be dropped in a Costa Rican jungle…however, there is one series on Bravo called “The Real Housewives” and what do you know, I am a real housewife! Well, maybe not “real” by Bravo’s standards, but genuine nonetheless.

I so wannabe one of them!

They are pretentious, rude, gold-digging, backstabbing and meeeeeoooow, can cat scratch like nobody’s business. I do have experience in those matters. I’ve attended PTA meetings. Read more

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