Blog Spotlight: Ron Silver, Remembered

Ron Silver got me drunk when I was 12 years old. My 16 year old sister and I were hanging at his West Hollywood pad with our parents, Jerry and Anne, and Ron's wife at the time, Lynn. Ron and my mom were both semi-regulars on the sitcom Rhoda. Ron played Gary Levy, Rhoda's swinging single neighbor, and my mom was Sally Gallagher, her swinging stewardess friend.

Ron knew we were bored and asked if I wanted a little vodka in my Coke. Amy had some too. She also had a huge crush on Ron... because he was cool. We had a great time. Nothing too crazy. I didn't end up an alky, and things worked out ok... and I always loved Ron for that. He treated us like people, even though we weren't yet.

Through the years I looked up to him as an actor, his cool Jewish intensity and humor were able to take him from sitcoms to action movie heavies.... and his intelligence and charisma from David Rabe to Aaron Sorkin dialog...and he was so good at all of it. Read more

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