Blog Spotlight: Rudy Huxtable’s Getting a Reality TV Show

Will this crap never end? Who doesn’t have a reality TV show? Little Rudy Huxtable, aka Keshia Knight Pulliam, is developing a show for Oxygen about her life with her live-in boyfriend, Atlanta area entrepreneur Kaseem Penn. It will explore what it’s like being young, rich, single and co-habitating. No air date is set for the show, titled Keshia and Kaseem.

Sheesh. How many times does this same show have to be made? And how many relationships have to be destroyed in the process? I swear, the next time I want to break up with a guy but I’m not sure how to say it, I’m gonna be like, “Hey, uh, do you want to see if we can do a reality TV show about our relationship?” And then he’ll know that it’s over. Read more

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