Blog Spotlight: Rumor Debunk: Megan Fox Will Not Be The New Buffy

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It’s unfortunate how easy it seems to be for even the most logically unsound rumors to get picked up by respectable movie/entertainment websites of late, but such is the nature of competitiveness amongst websites now, us included.

I’m mostly all for reporting on rumors, casting gossip and “wouldn’t it make sense if…” thinking, but let’s at least try and keep things sensible.

Megan Fox will not be cast as Buffy The Vampire Slayer in the new remake. It’s such a frustrating non-story, that it may prompt some of us out there to go head-to-keyboard while we strive to find factual information. IGN even went ahead and contacted a producer, Roy Lee, who played along with it just being a rumor, and I’m sure he was delighted to be given the opportunity to do so and let everyone know that she would of course, be under consideration for their project. Why not just cast the original Buffy? Sarah Michelle Gellar? Read more

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