Blog Spotlight: Television Review - Knights of Bloodsteel

I have always been a huge fan of Fantasy/Sword and Sorcery tales, so when one of the rare examples of the genre makes it to television or the cinema, I usually try and check it out. The Sci Fi Channel’s Knights of Bloodsteel is a two-part mini-series that debuted this past Sunday and Monday which should appeal to fans of the genre. The story focuses on a world that has come to rely on an enchanted metal know as Bloodsteel. The supply of this metal is running low, so all the nations are battling to possess the last few scraps. However, there is a rumor of an enchanted device called the Crucible which is the key to an unlimited source of Bloodsteel. The evil Dragon Eye (a half human, half dragon sort of thing) wants to possess the Crucible so that he can use it to rule the world (of course). The united Human, Elvin, and Goblin nations task four anointed knights to find the Crucible before Dragon Eye does (and of course there is a prophecy that they are the chosen ones). So basically, we get a hodge-podge of Sword and Sorcery clichés wrapped up with commentary on current events. But if this was meant as a parable for modern times, it offers very little in the way of enlightenment. Of course the actors feel like they are making a grand statements as they deliver their lines with a great amount of self-importance and dramatic emphasis as if they were bringing us Shakespeare. However, this is definitely not the work of the Bard, and dialogue they have to work with is often hackneyed or just plain clumsy. Keep Reading...

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