Blog Spotlight: The 10 Most Insane Moments in Dragonball and DBZ

Let's not mince words, shall we? The Dragonball: Evolution movie sucks. This is a fact. It's not being screened for critics. It was written by a scab during the Writer's Guild strike. It has almost nothing to do with the original manga or anime. Plus, it's modeled after the goofier, less popular Dragonball instead of the more action-packed, insanely popular DBZ anyways.

I know many of you TR readers aren't fans of DB -- and many of you just hate anime, period. I gotcha. DB's not my favorite anime series. I don't think it's brilliant. But I do think it's very, very good, and it deserved a hell of a lot than Dragonball: Evolution. What drives me most crazy about the movie is that had it been good, maybe it could have shown people why I and so many others think DB and DBZ is so great -- which is, really, all I think that any nerd really wants out of the movie of his or her favorite franchise. So screw Evolution -- here are the 10 scenes that make DBZ one of my favorite anime series, mostly because they are totally insane and pretty damn awesome to boot.


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Nov 07, 2009
it is cool

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