Blog Spotlight: The 10 Pokémon Least Equipped To Actually Survive In Nature

Not every Pokémon is worth catching. In a world of nearly 500 fantastic creatures, there are bound to be at least a few duds. Trainers don't have to look very hard to discern between awesome allies and total turds, for annoyingly tall patches of grass reveal essential truths that separate the Pidgeys from the Pikachus. Evolution, after all, is the law of the land across the Pokéverse. When only the strong can survive to be taught the power that's inside, sadly, the following Pokémon are fainters.

10) Voltorb

Unlike a lot of the pocket monsters on this list, the Pokéball lookalike Voltorb can actually be trained into becoming a fairly useful fighter. With a little love, its range of electric moves can be cultivated to rival that of a Raichu. Unfortunately for Voltorb, few of its kind ever get that far thanks to what can only be described as an evolutionary hate crime. Voltorb's trademark move is "Self Destruct." In our world, the move would last 15 entertaining years and involve loose women, seedy bars and cheap moonshine, but alas, in its attempt to best unbeatable foes Voltorb simply goes out with a quick bang.


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